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Welcome to is a private project providing free access to text-only Usenet News. The server has a 100MBit connection to several Internet backbones and is integrated into the Usenet via more than 60 peers.

Free access to the news server provides free read and write access to all text newsgroups. It requires a registration that can be done online.

Please read the terms of use before you register.


Our server does not publish any personal information about the user in posting headers that the user does not publish himself. In particular, the user's IP address is not visible to third parties.

Hierarchies and Groups carries the Big 8, alt.* (approx. 8000 groups, no binaries) and most regional hierarchies (more than 200). A complete list of available hierarchies can be found here.

For tests, information and support for users of the local hierarchy eternal-september.* is open to unregistered users, too.

Retention is currently 3 years for de.*, 160 days for the Big 8, 130 days for alt.* and 90 days for other hierarchies.

UUCP batches offers UUCP Batches on demand.

Please send email to peering (AT) eternal-september (DOT) org submits path information to the TOP1000 project daily

2014-04-13 00:00:00 New SSL certificates for HTTPS and NNTPS

As a consequence of the Heartbleed security issue, the server certificates for NNTPS and HTTPS have been replaced by new ones issued by a new root CA, CAcert. If you receive error messages regarding the authenticity of the root certificate, please check for detailed instructions on how to import the root certificate into your client's certificate store

2011-09-03 08:09:42 AT&T mail addresses banned

As AT&T's fancy blacklist rejects mails from (again), the following mail domains can not be used for registration as we will not be able to send you your access data:

If you previously tried to register and did not receive your registration mail, please note that is due to your mail provider's policy. Thank you for your understanding.

2011-05-26 04:59:03 Server names

Due to recent incidents, please note that you should only use "" as the server name in your client configuration. IP addresses and other server names may change any time without prior notice and hence become unavailable for usenet access. Exceptions are "" for access on port 80 (NNTP), "" for access on port 443 (NNTP/SSL), and "" for UUCP access on port 540.

2010-04-02 18:56:02 UUCP service moved to

As the domain is not resolved by DNS servers anymore, UUCP users were cut off on March 23, 2010 without prior notice. The UUCP service has now been re-established with the new system name of Subscribers are kindly requested to adjust their configuration accordingly. Client system names, login data and and newsgroup subscriptions continue to be valid.

2009-05-02 20:59:35 Number of connects per day limited

The number of connections per day and per user has been limited to 1200.

2007-09-28 11:46:54 Anonymous complaints

Due to recent events I would like to point out that anonymous complaints (no full name and/or invalid mail address) will be ignored.

2007-02-19 21:21:04 TOR users

Users who would like to access via TOR are kindly requested to send a mail to news( AT )motzarella( DOT )org.

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